About Me

i'm a woman, wife, mom, minister, and student.

woman...i love being a woman. i'm outgoing. i smile a lot. i'm more courageous than i give myself credit. i'm creative and thoughtful. i know it sounds hokey, but i feel my life's mission is to be the wind that gives lift to the dreams of others. i love monet, abstract art, spa music, 40's, rock, peace symbols. i love to read and write. i don't care for politics. i'm not a suck-up. i enjoy social networking and volunteerism. i care about people. i hold grudges (working on that and doing better). i think outside the box. i'm a non-conformist at heart, but i can work within a system.

wife...i really love my hubby. we've been married since 1991. i thought i loved him then. that was nothing. i  really love him now. he's my best friend. he's my boyfriend. yes, we still date each other. we work together well. he gets me. he loves me, too. we're good for each other. he's strong where i'm weak. i'm strong where he's weak. we're a good match. there's no one else i'd rather share my life with.

mom...i have 4 amazing kids. 2 in high school and 2 in middle school. they're good kids. smart. athletic. leaders. confident. thinkers. attractive. independent. caring. yeah, they drive us and each other crazy sometimes, but it's all good. we're pretty tight. i'm very proud to be a mom. they keep me young. i love them with all my heart.

minister...this was a hard decision for me. i heard a young lady say once that she wanted to marry a minister so she could do ministry. after some thought, i encouraged her to be the minister herself. she didn't have to marry into the ministry. GOD told me later on that though i hadn't intended to do so, i had fallen into that. i decided to lead by example. my desire is to particularly encourage women to lead with humility and fearlessness. GOD has a heart for women, and he doesn't just call men to minister. i also hope to challenge the church to get out of its bubble and change. let's face it...we don't have a good reputation these days. we need to change that. we need to be humble. we need to serve. we need to love.

student...i'm finally going back to school this fall. i'm a georgia state panther. i'm majoring in journalism with a concentration in public relations. i left high school a year early to start college, so i didn't get to walk. i'm walking in a couple of years. it's important to me. but more than that, i see this path as a way to help others, and i'm really excited about it.