Monday, May 31, 2010

quit focusing on the storm

so, GOD, i'm feeling a little bit like a failure. i'm having trouble trusting you with a few areas.

it reminds me of when peter attempted to walk on the water to JESUS. he stepped out of the boat while the storm raged all around. instead of keeping his eyes on JESUS, peter turned to look at the waves and began to sink.

i know i should look up, but the waves are distracting me from seeing you, GOD, in all this.

just like you did with peter, you've called me to come out to you. no sooner did i get out of the boat, but i began to sink.

i suppose i should find comfort in knowing that when peter called out to you, you reached to him, pulled him up, and helped him into the boat. all i have to do is call out to you, and you'll do the same for me.

i just feel so bad when i fail. i should be grateful and thankful instead of looking at the storm around me. i guess i'm asking for you to forgive me and to help me forgive myself. i don't like doubting that you'll take care of us. i know how much i care about my kids and want good things for them, so how much, much, much more you care about me and want good things for me and my family! why do i ever doubt you?


hope hammond said...

my friend, ken, posted this comment on facebook, but it was so awesome, i had to share it here, too. thanks, ken!
Ken Terrell I was in the river yesterday in my boat and a storm arose. The rain was hard the river was unpredictable and i couldnt see where I was going. My mind was not on the pelting rain and crazy river, it was on the bridge just up river from me, be cause that was my only refuge. I couldnt change the weather or the river but i could seek shelter and to get... See More to the shelter i had to focus on the shelter and not let the storm wear me out. Though wet and a little cold the shelter was great and the bridge not only got cars across the river it protected me from the storm. I agree focus will take you to safety if you can forget about the storm that is trying to stop you. THE BRIDGE IS JUST AHEAD

patricia said...

I like that THE BRIDGE IS JUST AHEAD ,Lord help me to stay focus. Thank you

hope hammond said...

patricia, thanks for posting your comment. i needed that reminder again for today. i had forgotten that bit of wisdom from ken. thanks again!