Monday, June 28, 2010

getting rid of the clutter

while on vacation this past week, i realized something. we lived a whole week with a whole lot less...possessions, that is. i decided when i got home, i would start down-sizing.
do i really need all this stuff?
what is it with this longing to hold on to everything?

a cluttered home. a cluttered heart. a cluttered mind.

and all this clutter brings anxiety.
i abhor that feeling.

i need and desire peace.

and with peace and uncluttered surroundings come a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

my goals this week:
  1. keep clean what has already been cleaned

  2. throw away or recycle what i don't need that isn't worth keeping

  3. let go of 15 things each day that will bless someone else

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Rick Womack said...

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