Monday, November 8, 2010

young people know it all...what a relief!

i love college. i really do. i love meeting new people. i love being challenged intellectually. it's a great experience. but there are a few things i'm not fond of. for starters, twenty-year-old snots giving me lectures about the "real world" and their idea that somehow they are intellectually superior as well. i've been a stay-at-home mom for years. i'll admit that i don't have much paid work experience, but that doesn't mean i'm stupid. the majority of stay-at-home moms don't have time to sit in front of the tv all day watching soap operas. we volunteer, we manage households, we become experts in time management, we chauffeur children back and forth, we make appointments, we teach our children, we diagnose ailments, we stay up late working on school projects, we organize activities, we create meals, we purchase goods, we work with other moms and groups of people, and much, much more. we may not get paid, but we certainly aren't stupid. well, guess what...this mom has better grades than you! ha!

call me a goody-goody because i value honesty and reliability. in the real world, i get to keep my job and credibility. call me a suck-up (language cleaned up due to young readers) because i'm nice and respectful to others. in the real world, that behavior gets me respected and furthers my career if i'm sincere, which i am. you may think you know it all, but here's the thing. i got married about the time you were born. i think i have a clue about this real world of which you speak. don't worry about me. i'll be just fine. and when you wonder why i have a smile on my face when you're trying to teach me about the real world, it's because i'm laughing at you on the inside and wondering what adults thought of me when i, too, knew it all.


Bill A. said...

Hi Hope,
I love this comment: "call me a kiss-up because i'm nice and respectful to others. in the real world, that behavior gets me RESPECTED....."

I know what you mean about being lectured. Except in my case, it wasn't 20-year olds. It was high school kids. I'm 29 and I used to work with a lot of teenagers who "filled me in" on how things in the world were NOW. I often heard "you've NEVER heard of this band?! Ohmigosh!"
I was always reminding them that MY vocabulary wasn't limited to 5 words (swear words) and that the money I earned was spent on more than just a cell phone.

And ya know what?... One day, one of those kids is going to realize that they're not such hotshots afterall. But in the meantime, it's annoying.

Keep up your awesome example!

hope hammond said...

thanks for the comment, and i will do my best to be a good example. =) yes, it is annoying, but it does give me something to tell all my adult friends. we get a good laugh out of it!