Friday, August 6, 2010

the year was did 2010 get here so fast?

over-sized collars, polyester, harvest gold and avocado green, high inflation, datsun, watergate, oil crisis, the exorcist, abba, the six million dollar man, kung fu...

and then there's me. arguably one of the best things to come out of the 70's. lol! at least my husband thinks so...or rather he'd better!

i remember turning 6 years old and wishing i could hurry up and grow up.

i blinked, and i was a teenager in love not so patiently awaiting the day i could marry my sweetheart (btw, we will celebrate our wedding anniversary on august 10th...the best 19 years of david's life...for sure!).

then i couldn't wait to have a baby. all of a sudden, i had 4, and i longed for the day i would have all my children out of diapers. i had 3 of them in diapers at the same time, and i hadn't slept in years. oh, that my kids were older so they'd sleep through the night.

i blinked again, and all my kids were in school everyday.

and this morning, i woke up to find that my firstborn is a junior in highschool and is driving, and the baby of the family is playing jv volleyball. and my middle children are already making plans for college and career. and my hubby is talking retirement. whaaat?

where did the time go? why does it have to pass so quickly?

i'm 36 today, and in some ways, i feel i'm starting over. in a few weeks, i'll go back to school to finish up a bachelor of arts degree and embark on a new career. i've loved being at home with my kids and watching them grow up. i think this is the coolest time of my life. i love talking with my kids about their future plans and what we're going to do when i graduate and start making big bucks and what kind of wedding they want to have and all that good stuff.

life is good.

but i wish it would slow least a little. i feel like i've spent most of my life wishing it away. and now that a good portion of it has passed by, i'm wishing i had some of it back.

it's taken some time, but i'm learning to be present. i read a quote years ago that said, "wherever you are, be there." and that's what i'm trying to do...enjoy the present and be attentive. no more wishing away life. i have my memories, and i have my moment right now.

even as i write, precious seconds tick away. i can't get a single one back.

my gift to myself this live in the present. to be where i am. to enjoy everyday and make the most of it. to laugh more. to stress less. to encourage others more. to challenge myself. to hug my kids more. to have more dates with my hubby. to not take life too seriously.

life is good, and life is short. my first 36 years have been rough at times, but hopefully i've learned enough that i will be sure to enjoy and make the most of the next 36.

today's my birthday, and you know what i asked for? nothing out of the ordinary. just another day in the life...and perhaps a nice dessert because GOD knows as do my bathroom scales that i have a love affair with sugar... =)

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