Thursday, February 28, 2013

Be Great, Crusaders!

Crusaders are GISA AA Region Champs

We’ve all wondered at one time or another how one team with standout talent can lose to another team with lesser talent. And though there may be a number of reasons for a loss here or there like injuries, off-nights or poor officiating, more than likely if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s a matter of teamwork.

Teamwork means that each person puts aside egos and agendas, puts aside the thought of game stats, puts aside the desire for personal glory, puts aside the turnover or missed shot on the last play.

Teamwork means going to practice with the mentality that “what I do in practice is what I’ll do in the game, so I’m going to practice doing it right.” Teamwork means learning the plays, flowing together, and getting the ball into the hands of the open player for an easy basket. Teamwork means digging deep when you feel like you can’t run the length of the court one more time. Teamwork means giving the ball up or even sitting out because someone else is playing a better game that night. Teamwork means practicing some more even after the official practice has ended.

I believe in the power of teamwork. And although teamwork is about working together as a team, it’s also very much about each individual playing to the best of his ability and demonstrating character both on and off the court.

Each person has to be at his best so that the team can be at its best.

So here we are, Crusaders. We made it to the state Final Four again, and we’re about to face the biggest games of our 2012-2013 season. We’re down a player, but we’ve already proven we have the heart and talent to fight through it for the win.  That’s why we’re still standing.

It takes good coaching and good playing to be a championship team. But in order to earn the title and the right to cut down the net, you each have to be great.

You see, a good player makes himself look good, but a great player makes the team look good.

So as you step out onto the court this week whether in practice or in game, in every shot, in every play, in every pass, in every run down the court, in every thought you think, in every word you speak, be great. And not just in basketball. In a few days, win or lose, the games will end and the season will be over. But don’t forget to apply the lessons learned on the court to your life and to your future. No matter what you do or where you go, wherever God and this life take you, always remember to be great.

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