Monday, April 26, 2010

hey, facebook?

i've really been wishing lately that GOD would open up a twitter or facebook account. tweet, LORD, for your servant readeth.

started thinking...GOD did write on a wall. it is recorded in the Bible. i hate feeling so unsure of my plans, of where GOD wants me to go. i would definitely appreciate him writing on my facebook wall. life would be easier.

i came across a youth camp shirt from last year. chasing GOD was the theme. maybe i don't have my answers because i'm not pursuing GOD like he's wishing i would. i keep wanting the easy way out. maybe i should try a little harder. maybe GOD is wanting me to chase after him instead of demanding he make my life easier. maybe. maybe he wants to be sought, too. i get that. i like to be pursued. who doesn't?

i guess i've gotten a little self-absorbed, wanting GOD to cater to my wants. maybe i should seek him with all my heart. yeah, i think that's a biblical concept.

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