Monday, December 14, 2009

self-improvement update

my 3 areas of self-improvement:

weight loss:

did pretty well until this weekend and totally blew it. according to charts i saw this morning, i should be 30 pounds lighter to be in the middle of my healthy weight range. so i will attempt to start anew today. i have only eaten when hungry, but it is only 10:30. the most difficult time for me is the evening and night. my goal today is to take it one moment at a time to eat healthy and exercise at least 15 minutes. it's not much, but it's a start. i just want to start developing better habits.

daily devotional:

i got a new devotional book by joel osteen called your best life now. it's already helping me to have a positive attitude and outlook. yesterday's reading was taken from hebrews 11. i got stuck at verse 34 "...whose weakness was turned into strength." i take that as a promise. i have a number of weaknesses and insecurities. i will have faith that they will be turned into strength.


i spent hours working on it last week. i finally got the brochure done, i think. i'm planning to concentrate on 2 sessions this week. one is about leading with scars. i'm starting to feel more comfortable with the thought of public speaking...most days.

one other area:

i'm trying to get my house organized and cleaned up, so if i can just get one thing done each day, i'll feel like i actually accomplished something. i'll be making a list today of things that need to get done.


Ronny said...

I write down my goals in a 2010 goals booklet. It is always in my wallet and I review it regularly. It keeps me focused on what really matters to me.

Enjoy and success!

Megan Alba said...

It is such an encouragement to see you posting stuff like this! As a woman, I often compare myself to other women... "SHE works full-time, has kids, cooks dinner every night, and keeps the house clean! What am I doing wrong?!?" It's nice to see that other women struggle at times too. Thanks for keeping it real!

hope hammond said...

thanks for the comments. yeah, i think i put a lot of pressure on myself to be a superwoman, just as i'm sure most women do. i may not be right. i may not put myself in a good light. but i do try to keep it honest. i know i can't be the only woman who struggles with weight, home, relationships and ministry. i consider it my journey. i just gotta keep walking and trust GOD to guide my steps. i hope that i am an encouragement to others who find themselves on a similar journey.