Sunday, February 7, 2010

my kids earned it, and i'm proud of that

my kids have had so many transitions in their short life spans. starting over isn't easy. we would know. we've done it a lot. doing government work and ministry will get you transferred more than you might like. we plan to be where we are for a while. it's hard for kids to have to keep starting over once they've gotten older and have established roots in a school.

i've given this a lot of thought over the years, and today i decided to share this. my kids have always played sports, and they've always been the outsiders. it's not easy breaking into sports in a new town, especially a small one. yet my kids have always managed to do it. though it wasn't fair, i knew my kids would benefit in the long run. they have never made teams or gotten playing time based on who their parents were or how much money we had. they earned it, plain and simple. they did it by working twice as hard as anyone else and by maximizing their GOD-given abilities. and they shake it off any time someone says otherwise. they know the truth, and that's good enough for them.

and now we see it paying off. my kids are good at what they do, and i make no apologies for that. i know the hours they put into their activities, i see how focused and determined they are, and i know GOD has truly blessed them. i also know GOD will continue to honor their good stewardship of the gifts he has given them and their hard work. i am proud of my kids, and i thank GOD that he gave me the privilege of having a role in their lives.

momma's proud of you, matthew, jonathan, lily and katy! you deserve the success you have. you've worked hard, and you've earned it! way to go! i love you!

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