Monday, February 1, 2010

february's 4 resolutions

january's 4 resolutions:

the good news: i am on track on bible reading, and i got a lot done on ministry stuff. i still have work to do, but it's really an on-going thing.

the bad news: i didn't finish the organizing and decluttering, but i got some done. and the weight? that's the worst. i didn't come close to my goal. but more t come on that later.

my 4 new goals:

  • really get to work on my weight loss. i'm planning to follow the "weigh down" principles. main emphasis this month.
  • deep clean kitchen, dining room, and take away items for christian women's center
  • stay current on bible reading
  • continue working on emerge ministry and start getting dates and plan worship sets for home church and emerge

these new ones are pretty much the same as last month's, but my emphasis is changing a bit. i'll be blogging a lot about my weight loss process and progress. this should be interesting.

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