Thursday, January 28, 2010

ai worst nightmare

though i'm usually not a fan of the early episodes of american idol, i watched anyway last night. i'm glad i did. in walks this ball of energy wearing an outfit that would give richard simmons a run for his money. i was not surprised to hear that pink was her favorite color. i swear she missed her calling as either an aerobics instructor or motivational speaker.

the judges asked what she has planned to sing, and she said, "at last." i thought to myself, "this should be interesting." and interesting it was.

she opens her mouth and proceeds to butcher this beautiful song! oh my ears! and oh my abs...from laughing so hard!

i couldn't help but smile! there was something that i liked about her...not her voice, mind you...but her personality. simon, with his usual wit and quips, told her that if he were to describe his nightmares, this would be it. ever the optimist, she smiled and said, "at least you're dreaming about me." and she bounded out of the room.

as soon as she met up with her supportive friends, she let them know that she wasn't going to hollywood. but before anyone had a chance to get sad, to cry, to throw a tantrum of epic proportions as is not uncommon on the show, she announced that simon said she was his worst nightmare, and all had a great laugh!

though her voice leaves much to be desired, her optimism and joy touched a place in my heart, and this morning when i got up, i decided she would be my role model for the day. in every cloud there is a silver lining. thanks, crazy pink girl! you are an unexpected inspiration!

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