Monday, January 25, 2010

ministry: vision

i've been thinking a lot about vision lately in regards to a church vision. i saw recently a great vision that i bought into. we were going to reach out to the community, be focused on the things that made us unique, be contemporary in our worship style. i was sold...until i began to notice that i was fighting more for that vision than the one who was originally given the vision. and when i tried to discuss our getting off-track, i slammed into a brick wall.

my point? a real vision, one that you truly believe is from GOD is one you are willing to fight to the death for. in a new church, the vision is non-negotiable. it shouldn't change in order to hold onto a few disgruntled who leave one church to find the latest, greatest new church.

it's ok and it is necessary for church leaders to say to people, "this is our vision. this is who we are. this might be the right place for you, but it might not be. if it's not, if you feel you can't support our vision, then we will bless you and help you find the right church for you. no hard feelings. we're in this together. but this is who GOD has called our particular gathering to be. this is who we must be."

there are plenty of churches around. there's something for everyone. no one church needs to be all things to all people. find your niche. fight for your vision. and if you're the pastor and your staff is fighting harder for your vision than you are, it's time for a "come to JESUS" talk with that person in the mirror.

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