Sunday, January 10, 2010

momma stuff- stages of life

i love being a mom. i admit those first few years were long and hard. sleep deprivation that lasts 5 years straight will make you feel like you're losing your mind, but i loved my little ones learning something new just about everyday, growing almost overnight sometimes. the first word, the first step...all those wonderful new discoveries! i thought that this was as good as it got, until...

the day i watched david and my two little men walking into a store together. they were pre-schoolers, and they were so adorable. for no apparent reason, my eyes teared up a little. my babies were growing up. i thought this was better than the early years.

and then they all got out of diapers and off formula, and i thought "PRAISE JESUS!" surely it didn't get better than this! the older ones were starting to play sports and go to school. how fun! they were beginning to have lives of their own. everyone told me this would be the best season of our lives together. they were wrong.

as of march 14, i will have 3 teens and 1 tween in my home. my kids are starting to dream about their future: where they want to go to college, what career choices they are entertaining. yes, we have challenges. the bigger the kid, the bigger the challenge. but i love watching my kids come into their own. i have only a few short and precious years left with them at home. i am determined to enjoy every moment. i love that my kids are becoming wise and independent. it means we've done a good job preparing them. and i pray just about everyday that the favor of GOD will rest on them. i believe i'm already seeing the results of those prayers.

i do have to give a shout-out to the wii! it has brought us together in ways that surprised me. and for once in my life, i can actually say i'm better at something than all others in my family...wii bowling! i sooo own that game, hand cramps and all. i remind my family all the time that the crown next to my name means i rule that game! (insert evil laugh) so, rock on, momma hope! and enjoy those not so little babies. they grow up so fast.

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