Sunday, January 3, 2010

personal: rough day

i had a rough day. my eyes still sting and my head still hurts from the crying i did this morning. as i am usually open, honest and transparent, i'm just not really comfortable disclosing the details. i just need to write. i need to process. i need to work through this.

i know in my heart that GOD has a really cool plan for me this year, and i'm trying to remain positive and not let doubt or discouragement distract me or get me off-track. something hurt me this morning. and the potential for more hurt is very likely. i am at a bit of a crossroads, and neither option seems like a good one. i don't even feel comfortable choosing the lesser of the two evils, so to say. in one day, i went from feeling like this is going to be my best year in a long time to already feeling alone and sad. against my better judgment, i put a brave, yet plastic smile on my face and acted as if i'm ok with the situation. i just needed to buy myself some time.

maybe tonite, in the silence and in the dark, GOD will come and visit with me for a little while and show me what to do. i could really use his company right about now.

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