Sunday, September 13, 2009

my family

i started my family at a very young age by today's standards. i was 19 when i had my first. the 3 that followed came pretty quickly afterward. four kids under the age of 5. it was crazy! i swear i didn't sleep for almost a decade!

i talked to someone today at church. as we shook our hoods, we both talked about how quickly time flies. our kids are growing up. they were babies. i blinked. they're all middleschoolers or highschoolers. where did that time go?

i have to admit that my hubby and i are enjoying this new season of life. our kids are learning to be self-sufficient and independent. the hubby and i resumed our dating, and i have to admit that i LOVE it. and it's so much easier now that we don't have to line up sitters. our kids act like they think it's silly that we go out on dates. after all, we've been married for 18 years now. i think they like it though, and i hope they are learning from our example. we don't take each other for granted. we respect each other. and we value our friendship.

i love my family, and i thank GOD for them. i have a husband who loves and treasures me. he flirts with me and makes me feel like i'm the most special person in the world. and i have 4 kids that amaze me, who love and amuse me. sure we have our not-so-wonderful moments where we may temporarily not like each other, but at the end of the day as our heads hit the pillows, we know we are loved. and that brings a smile to my face.

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