Wednesday, September 16, 2009

where did the love go?

i've noticed a startling trend in recent times. it's called unkindness. it can be found most anywhere these days. an awards ceremony, on the street, a football field, a government meetingplace, a tennis court, in our own home. no place seems to be a safe haven, so it seems.

it's sad, really, that we so quickly lose our civility, our respect, our generosity. when the 9/11 tragedy hit america, we pulled together. we united. we respected each other and gave selflessly. when katrina hit, we gave. we cried. we united once again. does it take a tragedy to make us kind to each other?

i know we all have bad days, and sometimes we're a little rude or rough with others. but this trend of unkindness goes far beyond a curt word. it reveals the darkness and selfishness of our souls.

i've always been a big believer that change begins in and with me. so as not to be hyprocritical on the subject, i will be the first to admit that i, too, have been unkind. catch me at a bad time, and i may snap. mistreat me or my family, and i may respond hatefully. i know this about myself, so i'm trying to change.

so what will i do the next time i see an elderly, unattractive woman of color drop her groceries? will i stop what i'm doing to help her or let her fend for herself? what will i do when i see a child being hit and jerked around by his father in the parking lot? will i turn my head or intervene? what will i do when i see a disabled person fall out of her wheelchair? will i find her help or pretend i didn't see? what will i do when i see a young girl hiding and crying in the corner at the mall? will i stare or go pray for her?

what will i do? i pray that GOD causes my head to look towards and not away. i pray that GOD gives me the courage to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. i pray my heart will break for those who are hurting. GOD, help me slow down and show kindness to those i meet not only today but everyday. help me see through your eyes. use my hands, my feet, my voice so that i can show kindness and love and peace.

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