Wednesday, September 30, 2009

thoughts to ponder...must read...must comment!! =)

thoughts to ponder today:
  1. just because you're good at something doesn't mean it's going to make you happy doing it.
  2. GOD is looking for leaders with a limp...Genesis 32:22-32...those who have wrestled with GOD and man, who refuse to let go until they have won a blessing.
  3. whatever GOD's will is for my life, i can trust that he will give me the grace to do it. i don't have to do it out of my own strength.
  4. dream, but don't just dream...dream the impossible.
  5. with GOD all things are possible.

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rick womack said...

scars are a good thing - they remind us of the healing God brought, the pain we had to go through and the experience and things God taught us through the process.

the other thing, it's ok for scars to be seen-not flaunted, but jacob's limp was noticeable - it proved God's victory in his life.

great thoughts hope - really glad you've embraced blogging...keep it up.