Saturday, September 26, 2009

my love for thunderstorms

thunderstorms remind me of days gone by. when i was a little girl, my mom, my sister and i would go to my grandparent's house after church most sundays from what i remember. my sister and i would run around the house in our pretty white slips until dinner was ready. i loved butterbeans from the garden. that is, until i ate so many once that i threw up. after that, not so much. the food was delicious. most of it came from my grandparent's garden. sometimes we'd play again, but other times, we'd take a nap.

i remember one sunday afternoon, my sister and i ran upstairs to my grandmother's room to take a nap with her. instead of going to sleep, however, we listened to the thunderstorm that was heading our way. we made a game of guessing how loud the next rumble of thunder would be. i think we eventually fell asleep. i don't know what made that day so memorable, but it is sweet. not long after, my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and died. the next year, my sister's brain tumor returned and took her life as well. i'm the only one left from that day, so i remember and cherish the memory.

i don't know what it is about thunderstorms, but they make me feel close to GOD. maybe it's because i remember a few that made me so deathly afraid, i thought i'd be joining him. no, seriously, i guess i've always associated an awe, a majesty with thunderstorms. they're loud and powerful. and sometimes they make you stop everything else and all you can do is listen. no electricity. no tv. those times are the best. nothing to distract us from the power of GOD. and for me, it's a time to reflect and remember my loved ones and our sweet memories together.

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