Monday, March 22, 2010

another lesson on perspective

i just have to say it: thank GOD for his favor in unfavorable situations... and that is the story of my entire day.

it started with my dryer breaking. the service call was an outrageous amount, but at least repairing it was cheaper than buying a new one. also, the technician was able to tell me what was wrong with my oven. the cure is much, much cheaper than a brand new oven. so we'll be able to save money and fix it ourselves. that was favor in an unfavorable situation.

then my cat got worse. she's been limping and looked terrible, so i took her to the vet...again. the last vet visit cost an arm and a leg and ended with them telling me they didn't know what was wrong. today's visit found the reason for the infection. the vet didn't charge me. he figured i'd paid enough already at the weekend animal hospital. he was right. again, a little favor.

on my way to the vet, i found i had a flat tire. thankfully, i was able to borrow my mom's car and get to the vet before they closed for lunch. the tire can be used as a spare, and our spare is actually a better tire. go figure.

on my way home from the vet, i got stuck in traffic by a train in downtown griffin. i was getting frustrated but tried to remain positive. i began thanking GOD for all the favor he had shown me when the next lane opened up just enough for me to slide over, catch the side road and cross the bridge over the train.

and if that wasn't enough...our dishwasher has been broken for months. someone called and wants to bless us with a new one! now that time...i cried! wow!

i had a few moments of getting down and spewing complaints. but i fought it, and ultimately, i came out positive and grateful. and GOD did an amazing thing!

my perspective made a huge difference in my day...and what a day it was! thank you GOD for your incredible favor!


Andrea' Boyt said...

Isn't God so good! He loves his little children.

hope hammond said...

yes, he is! and yes, he does! =)