Wednesday, March 3, 2010

get in the game

each of the last few summers, my family and i have been at the georgia conference campmeeting in franklin springs, georgia. one of our fun traditions each year is a basketball game between the kids and the old people. and by kids, i mean mostly teens. they're just kids to us old people who have stopped growing vertically and now just grow around the middle. the old people have to rely more on strategy with each passing year while the kids rely on athleticism and height.

i love getting out there and playing. i must confess, i do much better at volleyball and softball, but my lack of basketball skills doesn't usually keep me off the court. i tend to sub in when one of the older, out-of-shape guys have a look of panic on their faces due to their fear of not getting enough oxygen.

i kept deferring during this one particular game. maybe it's because i got a little self-conscious and insecure because others were so much better than i. one of the old guys, who is actually pretty doggone good, kept urging me to get out there and play. now, i can't exactly call what i did playing. i ran and whenever someone threw me the ball, i quickly passed it along for fear that i may actually have to dribble.

afterwards, the same guy (who would probably prefer i not refer to him as old. lol!) talked to me about how that game was like my real life. i keep deferring to others, but i need to get out there and get in the game. he's right. and this past week, i've stepped onto the court of life, and i'm giving it my all. i'm not the best player, but that's ok. i'm out there, and i'm doing my thang. i guess you don't always have to be the best, and you don't always have to have it all together. i'll just try to do in life like i do on that court...laugh, have fun, provide relief and cheer on my team.

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