Friday, March 12, 2010

i love thunderstorms

i am a huge fan of thunderstorms so today has been a good day. growing up in a home with a tv repair business, thunderstorms meant lightning strikes to tv sets which meant money. thunderstorms also meant spring. and a few years ago, thunderstorms took on another meaning...GOD is great!

let me share my story from a few years ago:

i ripped off the plastic wrap from the new passion cd and listened over and over to "how great is our GOD." david and i were at the mt. gap campground, and i had to make a wal-mart run. the weather started to get pretty rough, and when i got to the highway, i came to a dead stop. apparently, lightning had struck a tree and started a fire. traffic was temporarily halted. no worries! i was singing away. and the song took on new meaning as i listened to the thunder. GOD is great and grand and majestic and awe-inspiring! well, i finally made it to the thomaston wal-mart, got the things on my list, and headed out...

as i walked out the door, i noticed the storm had passed. i looked up and saw one of the most beautiful double rainbows ever. if breaking out into song would have been socially acceptable, i'd have sung from the top of my lungs, "how great is our GOD! sing with me..." i held my composure...until i got to my car, and then i let loose again...and again...and again.

and then i saw them. on the side of that country road were two beautiful deer feasting on the grass. at that moment, as if it were scripted, "how great is our GOD" transitioned into "then sings my soul, my savior, GOD, to thee. how great thou art..." it was another awesome sight, and i felt as if i could reach out and touch GOD himself. a chill ran down my spine as tears ran down my cheek. and i paused to consider just how beautiful and lovely and grand GOD truly is.

i'll never forget that day. with each thunderstorm i am reminded of my GOD-experience. so let the thunder roll. how great is our GOD!

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