Tuesday, March 30, 2010

don't sweat the small stuff?

while i've been enjoying being on top of the world, i was unaware of what was coming up beside me to knock me off the cliff! lol! i guess i had my eyes trained to look out for the big stuff, but wouldn't you know, it was a lot of little things...the proverbial straw, i suppose.

i felt a little blindsided. still do, if truth be told. i'm a little disappointed in myself for not being more aware. don't sweat the small stuff? sometimes i think the small stuff is harder to deal with than the big stuff. it's like a paper cut. those things doggone hurt worse than something more serious sometimes. i think what happened this week is comparable to about 3 or 4 papercuts. no major wounds, but you're left wondering how something so small can sting so bad.

but i'm not going to let it beat me...today anyway. i let it get me yesterday. but like a papercut, these little things are soon forgotten if not focused on. so i'm not going to focus on them, and within a day or two, i will have no memory of those little irritations.

whatever is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, admirable...think on things that are excellent and worthy of praise...philippians 4:8... that's the plan.

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