Wednesday, November 4, 2009

coupon class

i attended a class last night on how to use coupons. i already knew a lot being a devout coupon user, but i learned even more. i'm so glad i went.

here's what i do now:

  • i have a binder and put my coupons in baseball card sheets. that way i see what i have.

  • i check the sales papers and plan my trips.

  • i use internet and e-coupons. register with your grocery store like and, and a lot of stores will let you stack coupons which means you can use manufacturer, store and e-coupons on the same item. internet coupons include

  • i clip, clip, clip coupons from the sunday paper...ajc is the best.

  • i get updates with, but i'm going to try out and to see if they are better.

  • i shop bj's warehouse b/c they take coupons. they also mail out great coupons and i can use my manufacturer coupons on top of their store coupons. also, i can use multiple coupons on the big stuff. i.e...there are 12 frappaccino's in a pack. i have 3 coupons. they are $2 off a 4-pk. i can use all 3!

  • i love cvs extra bucks!

  • i only shop at places i can get double coupons.

here's what i didn't know or think about:

  • pay attention to coupons in the store next to the products.

  • ask when they mark down meats and produce. some stores do this in the mornings. and when the new produce comes in, the older produce gets marked down.

  • publix takes competitor's coupons (yay!)

  • when on long grocery trips, carry a cooler for chilled items

  • work with a friend

  • save expired coupons. the military can use them for a few months (if anyone does this, i would like more info)

  • print out store coupon policy and bring it with you just in case

  • make a price book for my regular items so i know how much they are at the stores i shop

  • pay attention to end of the season sales

  • if it's gonna be free, get it and bless others with it...i really like this one. so now i'm gonna keep all my coupons just in case for this reason.

other things i liked about the class...

  • she talked about being honest and nice when using coupons...when i have a lot of merchandise and someone comes behind me with just a few items, i always offer them the chance to go ahead of me. i have won over employees and customers alike with this approach. even better is if i see they have an item for which i have a coupon i'm not using. i love doing that. it gives coupon users a good reputation.

  • buy those free items that i don't use and give to others. in this economy, there's not a lot of extra money lying around, but i can use coupons and sales to buy up items for gifts.

  • she talked about the proverbs 31 woman...i think she would have used coupons! lol!

  • i loved the fellowship. for me, it was like a reunion. i got to see old friends and enjoy their company.

if you have tips, please share! i'm all about saving money these days!!! hope i've been able to help!

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