Friday, November 6, 2009

new things

seasonal depression? hormones? personal issues? who knows, but i've been a little tired and depressed lately. sooo...i went back to doing something that i used to do when i got depressed or lonely for a prolonged period of time. it's something that i recommended to a friend years ago but for different reasons.

"learn something new everyday. do something new every week." it works like a charm. the hard part is getting started. the first is always the hardest, but then i get some momentum and things start looking up. i have personally found that when i begin feeling depressed, i need to do the opposite of what i feel like i want to do. what i want to do is be alone, sleep, etc. what i need is to get outside, do a new thing, do something with a friend, etc.

i've learned and done a lot of new things lately. my new things for the week include going to a store i've never been to before and attending a class on coupons. i learned that publix takes competitor's coupons, found a new "green" flea treatment, how to make popcorn balls, and learned a new memory verse.

little things add up. stretching myself feels good. so, learn something new today or do something you've never done but wanted to.

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