Thursday, November 19, 2009

my thoughts on today...and what a beautiful day it is!

it's such a beautiful day. i've done my devotional, checked a few emails, spoken to my mom, vented to a friend about what's left on my "to forgive" list (which btw is down to 9 entries!!!), and had a few sweet moments with the hubby before we both left for work. he's definitely a keeper! =)

david and i are heading out of town for another basketball game. this time it's only the varsity guys, so it's just matthew tonight. i'm really proud of my kids. yeah, they drive me crazy sometimes...particularly the boys with their lame joke contests. omg! sometimes i'm not sure if i should roll my eyes, send them to bed, or burst into laughter over the stupid things that get said! lol! at least the girls are sane. they just keep hugging me and telling me how much they love me. i so love that! my kids amaze me! they're really growing up. and they're good kids. i think this has been my favorite season of parenting so far.

we're doing work to our house. we finally were approved for better insurance on the house. we got dropped for a while due to it needing so many repairs. the alternative insurance we had to get was expensive! i don't like being poor, but i do have a better understanding how the cycle of poverty works. it's hard to break it because the less fortunate are given fewer breaks. we're prepping the house to paint it. even the primer coat makes the house look happier, and that makes me happy. i can't wait to get it done! it's going to be pretty!

thanks, GOD, for my home, be it ever so humble. and thank you for my incredible family. and thank you for the beautiful blue sky today. you rock!

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