Thursday, November 5, 2009

green-ish update

i haven't written anything recently about my attempts to go green-ish. i admit it. throwing myself into complete green-ness would completely overwhelm me, so i aspire to go green-er.

i've been pretty satisfied with my accomplishments thus far. i recycle our paper and plastics on a regular basis. i can't believe how much that has cut down on our actual trash. i'd recycle more if i knew of a local place that accepted more recyclable items. i've cut down on the amount of disposable items like paper plates, sandwich bags, etc. i sometimes use my reusable grocery bags. i haven't yet found a system that works to remind me to bring them with me when i go to the store, but i still use them on occasion. i still use some disposable items, but i usually find ways of reusing them a second or third time.

i tried toilet paper made from recycled paper last week. it was free with my coupon, so i thought...what the heck...and i gave it a shot. not bad. i was pleasantly surprised. we've cut back on some of our energy and water usages, though i'm not quite as gung-ho as i was at first. i've tried some non-toxic recipes for flea treatments, and to my surprise, they work better. my hubby is even asking about green remedies these days for other ailments and issues.

i'm proud of myself for the small changes i've made and the fact that now some of those changes are permanent. it hasn't been as hard as i thought. little steps add up after a while.

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